We’re happy to announce the availability of an experimental AI-enhanced chat feature in pgDash. This feature is designed to help you get quick answers to questions about your PostgreSQL database server.

Using the chat feature, you can ask questions in natural language about your Postgres database server. The chatbot knows about your server’s configuration, performance metrics, and various stats. It can examine this information and answer your questions in a conversational manner and help you understand what’s going on with your database server.

pgDash AI-Enhanced Chat answering questions about your PostgreSQL server's replication

It also knows about PostgreSQL in general, and can offer advice and best practices based on the question you ask. It can formulate SQL queries specific to your server and the task you want to perform.

pgDash AI-Enhanced Chat offering advice on your server's configuration

However, please note that this is an experimental feature and is currently in beta. We’re still working on improving the feature, but as it stands, it is definitely a useful and interesting tool to explore, which is why we’re making it available to our users. Various aspects of this feature may change without notice. We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve this feature.

Honestly, Does It Really Work?

Yes it does! Try it out! Mostly it does answer with useful, insightful and actionable information. Do not believe everything it says though. Do verify its answers with your own knowledge and other reliable sources.

Trying It Out

The AI-enhanced Chat feature is available right now for pgDash SaaS users. To try it out, open the server’s page and click on “AI (beta)” link in the left side bar. Hit “Start” to start the chat and ask your questions.

Safety and Data Privacy

We understand that AI is an emerging technology and that there are concerns about data privacy and safety. We currently integrate with OpenAI to implement the AI-enhanced chat feature.

No data about your server will be shared with OpenAI unless you explicitly click “Start” in the UI. None of the chat data is used for training AI models. We do not use any data from the chat for any purpose other than providing the AI-enhanced chat feature itself.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions about this.

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