pgDash Pricing

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Basic Pro Enterprise
2 database servers 5 database servers included
($50 per additional server)
20+ database servers
Integrations Integrations Integrations
Basic Alerting Basic Alerting + Change Alerting Basic Alerting + Change Alerting
Teams Teams
$100 /mo $200 /mo Contact Us
For more information about pgDash self-hosted/on-premise options, free trials, and pricing, please see the Self-Hosted FAQ or contact
How many database servers will I be charged for?

You will be charged based on the maximum count of concurrent database servers that you monitor during the month. You will be charged a flat rate that covers the number of databases servers in your plan and an additional amount per database server over your plan for Pro and Enterprise customers.

What do you count as a server?

For billing purposes, a "server" is technically a PostgreSQL cluster — a single postgres server process (postmaster/daemon) managing a set of databases. For AWS RDS, it is a single RDS primary instance or a single RDS read replica instance. For AWS Aurora, it is a single Aurora Replica within an Aurora DB Cluster.

What if I need to swap out a database server?

No problem. You can add and delete database servers anytime. If you want to ensure that one is no longer included in your count for billing purposes, you will need to delete it from pgDash entirely.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For monthly payments, we accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. For annual payments, we accept wire transfers and ACH (US only) in addition to credit cards.

How much does the self-hosted version cost?

The self-hosted version of pgDash is available for Pro and Enterprise and is priced similarly to the SaaS version, but is licensed on an annual rather than a monthly basis. Subscription fees are payable, annually, in advance, and include a 10% discount off list prices.